My son Ronav is availing treatment from VitaNova for the past 3 years for chronic wheezing problems. I have seen plenty of improvement in my son's health after availing the treatment. Currently my treatment is being done at the same clinic after seeing my son's progress. I urge people to avail the good benefits of homeopathic treatment?

- Rajesh Shinkre

My son Advik was suffering from chronic asthma and was allergic to dust, resulting in body rashes/ boils. Within the last year I have seen lots of improvement in his health. Thank you VitaNova Clinics.

- Geerish Mandrekar

I have always been sceptical about homeopathy but the doctors at Vitanova converted me. As a mother with a child suffering from asthma, these are the doctors you would want treating your child. They are caring, approachable and full of concern, people who pick up the phone at anytime - even at four in the morning - to reassure a panicky mother. Thank you for the awesome job you do.

- Priyanka Da Cunha

VitaNova Clinics goes beyond the perception that I had of homeopathy being only about gulping sugary pills. The past year has proved all the wonders in my healing are possible and will continue to happen. I look forward to my visit to VitaNova Clinics very eagerly as the doctors have now become my well-wishers and your friends. Gratitude to Dr Martins and their dedicated team. My best wishes are always with you.

- Jennifer Menezes

Dr. Martins is an excellent doctor who really cares for the patient. He is a dedicated doctor who is very knowledgeable and ensures that the patient gets effective homeopathic remedies. I highly recommend him!

- Suvarna Khandeparkar

Thank you doctor for making me feel so much better. Thank you for relieving my internal shoulder pain that I was suffering for so many years. Your good care and concern has put me at ease and helped me gain in confidence. I remember the times that my pain used to get aggravated I used to become really irritable and grumpy. But you treated me like a child. You are the only one who truly understands patients feelings and sufferings through immense pain. You called me to personally enquire about how I feel despite being busy. I always feel at home when coming to Vita Nova Clinics. You are been a big blessing to me.

- Anonymous

I started my treatment with Dr. Martins in 2009. Even though I am based out of Goa, doctor has always given me prompt and immediate attention. Homeopathic treatment has shown positive results with nil side effects. With timely appointments and change in medicines based on my work and eating routine, I have experienced a healthy change in myself. Would like to thank Doctor for all his support.

- Arpita Mehra

The concept behind VitaNova homeopathic Clinics is that the patient and his ailments are viewed through a natural and holistic lens. The highly professional doctors assess your health spectrum after a lengthy primary session, and then begin treatment from a 360-degree perspective. Their tiny pills have cured my husband, and me slowly and surely, of both simple and chronic disorders, effectively and gently, without any side effects. We are forever indebted to their treatment, their caring and compassionate personalities.

- Mrs Sethi

When we were unsuccessful with allopathic and other natural treatments for my son’s alopecia, we decided to turn to homeopathy and VitaNova clinics. With the excellent treatment and constant follow ups for over a year, my son has almost recovered with no recurrence. We thank Dr Martins for his extremely effective and successful treatment. Happy with such a high rate of success. My whole family is now under the care of VitaNova Clinics.

- Mrs Violet Pereira

My son at the age of 4 years was suffering from dust allergy because of which he used to get cough, cold, hives and vomiting. His condition would not allow him to sleep at nights. After consulting with Dr. Martins, things started to change. His homeopathic treatment made a lot of impression on my child’s overall health. My sons frequency of cough and cold reduced a lot. His sleep also improved. Homeopathy has helped my child tremendously. I am very grateful to VitaNova clinics for their help and treatment.

- Clifa D’costa Castanha

I’m Sr Rosemary, and suffering from psoriasis since the last four years. When I approached VitaNova clinics, I’d already been through plenty of treatment for skin lesions which would temporarily disappear and reappear again. I was started on Homeopathy by VitaNova clinics and despite it being told was incurable, have seen much betterment in my condition. Within a month, I’ve noticed many lesions disappearing, after treatment and advice on better care of local lesions. It’s been 2.5 years and I feel immensely better. The doctors at VitaNova are a godsend and I’d recommend them to anyone suffering from skin problems. I trusted them with my health and they delivered.

- Sr. Rosemary

My son Advik was suffering from chronic asthma and was allergic to dust, resulting in body rashes/ boils. Within the last year I have seen lots of improvement in his health. Thank you VitaNova Clinics.

- Anonymous

At the age of 4 my daughter suddenly developed severe breathing problems, cough, wheezing, breathlessness with hives & high fever. After 2 years of treatment from specialist doctors there were no signs of improvement in her health. She lost weight rapidly due to frequent asthmatic attacks. Realising the ill effects of allopathic medicines (mostly steroids) I decided to switch to alternate treatments and consulted VitaNova Clinics. With advice and treatment, we stopped other medication and went with 100% homeopathy treatment for 2 years. She has now completely recovered and gained weight. I deeply appreciate the efforts of the doctors for being on call anytime in case of emergencies. Much gratitude to them.

- Devansh Shirodkar

VITANOVA Clinic was recommended by a relative. Dr Martins has been exceptional with his diagnosis and treatment of my son Mikhail who for the longest time suffered from upper respiratory problems. His allergies coupled with periodic nasal colds was a very frustrating time for us as a family till I visited the clinic . I was skeptical about how effective the treatment would be moreover as I don’t live in India, but much to my surprise it worked miracles for my son who has gotten so much better with reduced episodes of constant colds . It's been close to three years now that he is on homeopathic medication and we couldn't be happier with it. Dr Martins has been nothing but accommodating, patient and supportive and for that I will be forever grateful. My faith in homeopathy has grown by leaps and bounds with the very positive outcome on my sons health. Thank you Dr Martins for making our lives so much easier.

- Andrea

I have been visiting VitaNova Clinics and Dr. Martins for the treatment of my acute illness. He has not only treated me for my sickness but also supported and continues to do so while improving my general quality of life. Dr Martinis extremely genuine and understanding. I am grateful to him for the positive effects he continues to have in my life. Thank you and God bless you.

- Ashita Almeida

I have been consulting Dr. Martins for the past 5 years and have found him to be very sincere, caring and talented. Because of his treatment I have got for a wide set of problems and support and confidence to fight them better. Thank you sir for everything.

- Prabhu

I have been suffering from lichen planus since the age of 12. Having already visited most dermatologists in Goa, I tried every other method of treatment but to no avail. Several failed attempts later, I visited VitaNova clinics In 2017 and consulted with Dr. Martins. After taking a detailed history it was established that lichen planus was not my only health concern. He connected my history of severe diarrhoea and anxiety along with this existing skin condition to a manifestation of my disturbed psychological state. His non judgemental and empathetic listening along with suitable medicines helped me become comfortable in addressing and accepting my mental state. My skin condition continues to heal today and I am much more happier.

- Unkonwn

I am a retired teacher by profession and have been suffering from allergy since 2013. Through the course of my problem, I have consulted many ENT doctors but with no relief. In 2016 I suffered from acute urticaria (hives with swelling and itching of body) more severe at night.

I consulted many allopathic doctors for it. I was even prescribed steroids by one of the doctors but it only gave me temporary relief. Then my husband told me that he would take me to VitaNova clinics. He had read about it in the newspaper where an article was published about cure of allergy from the root by homeopathy without side effects. Within five months of treatment I was completely healed from urticaria and today I am fine. The doctor attended to me patiently whenever I used to go, and changed my medicine accordingly.

Till today I visit my doctor for every kind of ailment and Dr. Martin has been very genuine with his treatment. I thank VitaNova clinics for my healing. God bless you.

- Celia Silveira

My daughter Jahnavi has had an acute breathing problem since she was little, which developed at the age of four. She has always suffered from cough, wheezing, breathlessness with hives & occasional high fever. After two years of treatment from specialist doctors there were no signs of improvement in her health. She lost weight very rapidly due to frequent asthmatic attacks. Realising the ill effects of allopathic medicines - mostly steroids - I decided to switch to alternate treatments and consulted VitaNova Clinics whom I came to know through a newspaper ad. On the advice of Dr Martins all her medications were stopped completely. She was put on 100% homeopathy treatment from VitaNova for 2 years and now she has completely recovered, has gained weight and is in the pink of health.

I deeply appreciate the efforts of Dr. Martins and all his help. As the condition was triggered mostly during nights, he was constantly responsive 24x7 and just a call away in case of emergencies. I’m indebted to VitaNova clinics for the improvement of my child’s health. They’ve been a real godsend to me.

- Jahnavi