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About Us

Providing Individual Solutions For You In A Relaxed, Caring And Supportive Environment

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VitaNova meaning new life and are a chain of clinics dedicated to giving you a new understanding of health and healing. A body that ages and is constantly assaulted by changes both internally and externally, begins to gather stress and is weakened which becomes a fertile ground for diseases and ailments to flourish. With the gentle practice of Homeopathy, backed by generations of experience, we are able to manage acute and chronic ailments with in-depth case taking and treatment of specific problems, thus helping in the building a long-term immunity. With 4 branches spread across Goa for the last two decades, VitaNova is one of the leading healthcare’s of holistic healing in Goa. Using a combination of homeopathy, holistic methodologies, world renowned medical protocols and technological intervention, the clinic has made a name for itself in the treatment of both acute and chronic ailments. VitaNova has significant experience and considerable success in the management of several terminal cases of cirrhosis, liver related complaints, skin diseases, asthma, Thyroid, menstrual irregularities and genitourinary ailments.

Our Team

Dr. Antonio Martins LCEH

Dr. Antonio Senen Martins, is a third generation doctor and has carved a special niche for himself in the treatment of acute and chronic liver disease. Having managed a variety of ailments, it is patients with ascites who flock from all over even today to the clinic for relief. His expertise also lies in the treatment of terminal ailments, increasing the quality of life.

Dr Myra Martins

Dr. Mira Rebelo LCEH

Dr. Mira Rebelo graduated from AMSHMC and built her experience over several decades. As one of Goas first registered female homeopaths, she has in-depth expertise in the treatment of chronic genito-urinary problems especially PCOD, irregular periods and delayed menses.

Dr. Silroy Martins MD

Dr. Silroy Martins, studied in AMSHMC and has a decade experience practicing medicine and treating acute and chronic disorders. He has helped expand the clinic with his personal attention and treatment of patients suffering skin, thyroid, menstrual irregularities and other ailments.

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Dr. Dorland Martins MD

Dr. Dorland Martins experience spans more than a decade and he oversees the management of Vita Nova complete operations in Goa, that includes new case enrolment, research, treatment, and follow-ups across all four centres. His expertise lies in understanding patients in-depth problem and putting together case studies that can arrive at the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. He was invited to deliver lectures on Homeopathic Medical Practices in Serbia and writes articles for leading magazines on his treatment experiences and breakthroughs.

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Certificate of Dr Martins Silroy in homeopathic medicine and surgery

Certificate of Dr. Silroy Martins in Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

Certificate of John Marcus Martins

Certificate of Dr. John Marcus Martins in Completion of courses in Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery

Certificate of Dr. Dorland Martins on Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy

Certificate of Registeration of Dr. Dorland Martins

Certificate of Registeration of Dr. Silroy Martins

Why VITANOVA Homeopathy Clinics?

VITANOVA Homeopathic Clinics takes the science of homeopathy to the next level by combining knowledge of modern day science of Genetics, Proteomics (study of effect of proteins on living organisms) and other Holistic sciences.

At VITANOVA Clinics in India, we and our team of MD doctors have been successfully treating patients after studying the behavior and expression of genes in each individual case.

At VITANOVA Clinics, the patient's history helps the Doctor to understand the individual's genetic expression on Psyche-Brain-Organ. After this, the remedy carefully chosen with the help of latest techniques in Homeopathy stimulates the body to repair itself. Repair done in such a manner will target the genes of each and every cell of the body and the person as a whole is stimulated to heal which means that repair takes place at level of mind, body and spirit.

Our treatment module incorporates a unique 'Patient Empowerment Program' that educates the patients about the nature of their disease and the systematic progress of their condition towards restoration of health. It is interesting to note that many of our patients experience this repair mechanism at a level above repairing of body and mind. They see its positive effects in their academics, personal and professional life too. It is thus a renaissance, with Homeopathy as the means, where Science meets Spirituality!