Every science is based on certain principles and the same holds true for the Homeopathic science too. Homeopathy was founded by German Physician & Chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and is the youngest of all the medical sciences. Homeopathy is an exact science, it is based upon nature's law of cure that is "Similia Similibus Curentur" which means, "Like Cures Like", and the true physician must prescribe in accordance with this law of nature. To be an exemplary follower of this divine science it is necessary to understand as to how our body functions in health and disease.


We are constantly exposed to various external and internal factors every moment of life. Despite all this, we rarely fall ill, we have an inbuilt defense mechanism which is controlled by the genes, it constantly defends, repairs, develops and functions itself every second and maintains a harmony and thus health.

There is concrete proof with documented evidence throughout history that the body has in it the extraordinary power to repair itself. We get a wonderful view of how nature performs her repair work if we observe the natural healing of a wound, or the remarkable engineering feat presented to us in the healing of fractured bones.

The body's self-healing, self-adjusting and self-repairing power is also seen in the common accident whereby a thorn becomes embedded in the flesh. If it is not removed immediately, nature does a skillful little piece of engineering and removes it for us. Pain and inflammation are soon followed by the formation of pus, which breaks down the tissues. Gradually increasing in amount, the pus finally breaks through the overlying skin and runs out, carrying the thorn along as a souvenir. This unique ability to repair itself lies within the 'Genes' of the human body which are constantly on the alert to defend and protect our body.

The challenge for physicians, healers and patients is to determine when to help aid this inner wisdom of the body and when to intervene to make certain that the body does not harm itself.

In an event of a shock; mental or physical for which we are totally unprepared these meaningful biological programs of nature i.e. inflammation, growth and destruction are thrown out of gear and the body no longer retains this capacity to heal itself. When we suffer from asthma, tumors, cancers etc., normally it is described as a disease. Homeopathy believes that they are not diseases but an expression of the internal disharmony, triggered by a shock/conflict at the level of Psyche, which leads to disease. When this 'shock/conflict' situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality again.


Homeopathy treats the man in disease and not the disease in man. The Human body is one whole unit of numerous functions and not multiple isolated units which we consider separately as brain, heart, lungs, kidney, joints, skin, etc. This is why when a person is ill; it's just not an organ/part that is diseased but the person as a whole is ill. That is why, during Homeopathic treatment, every person is studied and treated as an individual. A detailed history is taken and studied at the level of Psyche-Brain-Organ to understand the behavior and expression of genes in each case. Based on the study a single and similar remedy is carefully chosen and prescribed, aimed to stimulate the body's genes to repair itself, triggering a healing reaction at the level of Psyche-Brain-Organ thus harmonizes the internal disharmony and restoring health. Homeopathy cures/treats the man in disease permanently, thus experiencing a complete physical, emotional & spiritual well-being.