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Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory ailments are those that afflict the sinuses, nose, respiratory tract and lungs. The commonest afflictions that can be triggered by allergens in the atmosphere, bacteria and viral infections. These ailments present with symptoms as mild as sneezing and running nose to breathing difficulties, wheezing, pain in the chest and fever.

Allergic reactions to pollen and dust are the commonest cause of respiratory problems but secondary infections can lead to complex manifestations.

Doctors at VitaNova Clinics treat these ailments by understanding the underlying cause, managing signs and symptoms and strengthening your immunity based on the duration and severity of ailments.

VitaNova utilises a holistic process to address respiratory problems, irrespective of the duration and length of the ailment. With a detailed case history we use homeopathy, alteration of dietary habits and other interventions to ensure a better quality of life while minimising the severity of signs and symptoms. Since the ailments are often triggered by external factors, identifying and isolating them is equally important.

  • Allergic Bronchitis - Acute or chronic bronchitis is caused viral attacks, allergic bronchitis is often caused by dust, pollen or food. Symptoms are wheezing, nasal discharge, chest discomfort but may not becomes as severe as breathlessness.
  • Asthma - Characterised by an airflow obstruction and breathing spasms. Asthma involves wheezing, chest pain, cough and cold. Causes may range from allergens in the air to food triggers.
  • Rhinitis - Irritation of the upper respiratory tract or the nose is often allergic in origin. Sneezing and breathing discomfort is aggravated in the morning or on exposure to pollen, dust mites and other allergens.
  • Sinusitis - Sinus inflammation is a condition that happens when cold persists indefinitely or is incompletely treated. Thick mucus discharge, severe face pain and a blocked nose are commonly experienced.
  • Tuberculosis - A highly infectious disease of the lungs TB has chronic fever, difficulty in breathing, cough, cold, night sweats and this often doesn't heal unless rigorously treated.

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