Homeopathy and Renal Calculi - A Success Story

kid drawing

On World Kidney Day, it's essential to talk about one of the most common kidney ailments, renal calculi or kidney stones. These stones can cause severe pain and discomfort and require timely intervention. While modern medicine offers surgery and medication, many people are turning to alternative treatments like homoeopathy to manage this condition. In this article, we'll share a success story of how homoeopathy helped a patient pass a kidney stone and avoid surgery.

The Case Study

The patient in question had a 6mm stone that was causing immense pain and discomfort. Scans confirmed the presence of the stone, and the patient was advised to undergo surgery. Despite being a proponent of homoeopathy, the patient was overwhelmed by the fear and urgency instilled by the urologist Martins from Vitanova Homeopathy Clinics still gave the patient a single dose of the homoeopathic remedy and assured them of a visit the next day.

The next day, the patient called to inform that the surgery was delayed by a few hours, after which he had a sudden urge to urinate. To everyone's surprise, the stone had passed, and the surgery was averted. The patient was relieved and grateful for avoiding the high costs and lifelong effects of anaesthesia.

The Role of Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is a holistic approach to medicine that aims to treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms. It uses natural remedies that are safe, non-toxic, and have no side effects. Homoeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms, and they are selected based on the patient's unique symptoms and history.

In this case, Dr. Dorland Martins from Vitanova Homoeopathy Clinics gave the patient a single dose of the remedy and advised them to drink plenty of fluids. Homoeopathic remedies can help reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort associated with kidney stones. They can also help dissolve and pass the stone naturally.

Photograph of the renal calculi
that was passed after homeopathic medication


The case study above is just one example of how homoeopathy can help manage renal calculi without surgery. While surgery and medication are still the primary treatment options, homoeopathy can be an effective complementary therapy. It's essential to consult a qualified and experienced homoeopath and follow their advice for the best results.