Wisdom of the Body

The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them. Our mistrust of natural processes and reliance on drug-oriented medicine has obscured our understanding of the importance of childhood illnesses and the necessity of these illnesses as a vital aspect of the maturation of a child’s immune system enabling a strong & resilient foundation of health to evolve.

Overuse of medications is at the root of the decline in children’s health and vitality, manifesting at large in the disablement of immune function, nerve function, and the upsurge of chronic diseases in large segments of society today. Children in particular have been hit hard as they are the most vulnerable members of society.

We wish all parents to shed old fears and embrace a new relationship with nature – the human body has an inherent wisdom within it that strives to defend itself and to survive.

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Symptoms of illness are not simply something "wrong" with the person, instead, symptoms are responses and efforts of the organism to defend and heal itself against infection and/or stress.

Disease is not mere surrender to attack but also the fight for health; unless there is a fight, there is no disease.

Although symptoms may be the best effort of the organism to defend itself at that time, it is not usually effective to simply let the body try to heal itself. Most often, some treatment must be provided to help nurture, nourish, and augment the body's own wisdom. The challenge to physicians, healers, and patients is to determine when to help aid this inner wisdom of the body and when to intervene to make certain that the body does not harm itself.

heal fever

At VitaNova Clinics, the patient’s history helps the doctor to understand that individual’s genetic expression on mind and body. After this, the remedy carefully chosen with the help of latest techniques in Homeopathy stimulate the body to repair itself. Repair done in such a manner will target the genes of each and every cell of the body. The person as a whole is stimulated to heal which means that repair takes place at level of mind, body and spirit. Our treatment module incorporates a unique 'Parent Education Program' that educates parents about the nature of disease and the systematic progress of the condition towards restoration of health."

There is concrete proof with documented evidence throughout history that the body has in it the extraordinary power to repair itself. Spontaneous remissions of illnesses, people who begin to see or walk again - such medical miracles have happened in the past and they can definitely occur again in the future.

These suggest that all have the power to repair within ourselves. However, most of us need help to trigger this process and stimulate the body to repair itself. The unique ability to repair itself lies within the ‘genes’ of the human body which are constantly on the alert to defend and protect the body. This gift lies within our genetic material, expressed as proteins which are responsible for the way the body expresses and defends itself when in danger (internal as biochemical imbalance or external as infections). Genes are programmed to defend by either inflammation like fever, construction like a growth (warts) or destruction like an ulcer. Thus all diseases are in reality a form of defense by the human body.

Says Dr. Dorland Martins, Consultant at Vitanova Clinics, “Our treatment module incorporates a unique 'Parent/Patient Empowerment Program' that educates the patients about the nature of their disease and the systematic progress of their condition towards restoration of health”. He adds, it is interesting to note that many of our patients experience this repair mechanism at a level above repairing of body and mind. They see its positive effects in their personal and professional relationships too. It is thus a Renaissance, with Homeopathy as the means, where Science meets Spirituality!

There is concrete proof with documented evidence throughout history that the body has in it the extraordinary power to repair itself. We get a wonderful view of how nature performs her repair work if we observe the natural healing of a wound, or the remarkable engineering feat presented to us in the healing of fractured or broken bones.

heal fever

The body's self-healing, self-adjusting and self-repairing powers are seen in the common accident whereby a thorn becomes embedded in the flesh. If it is not removed immediately, nature does a skillful little piece of engineering and removes it for us. Pain and inflammation are soon followed by the formation of pus, which breaks down the tissues towards the surface of the body. Gradually increasing in amount, the pus finally breaks through the overlying skin and runs out, carrying the thorn along as a souvenir. Of a similarly defensive nature are corns and callouses that form on the feet and hands or any other surface of the body that is subjected to constant friction. The clerk who deserts the store for manual labor finds his hands are tender and blister easily when he handles tools. However, before many days have passed, the skin on his hands has become thickened and hardened, ultimately becoming almost horn-like. When this occurs, he finds that no reasonable amount of hard work blisters his hands.

What more evidence than this does one require to know that the same intelligent power that built our bodies is also the power that heals it? What better evidence do we want that the healing process is accomplished in the same orderly manner and by means of the same functions with which the body is built, maintained and modified to meet its present needs.

The same intelligent power that built our bodies is also the power that heals it.