A year ago received the case of a 54 year old male who was working in UK. Having lived in the country for many years, he specially travelled to Goa to consult with us for his problem of Psoriasis which he was suffering from for the past 12 years. He was in the occupation of packing vegetables and lived with a group of other people in the UK and therefore was embarrassed by the condition he was suffering from. He spent his entire day going to work and coming back, there was no other form of entertainment. He had no friends, no social life, no interaction outside his immediate circle of work friends. He was a routinist.



During the course of our case taking it became apparent that the patient was very limited in his social interactions. The disease was further compounding his problem and making him more reclusive. We wanted to see the lesions and their progression for the last several years and the patient was requested to send us photos from UK so that we could check on further progress after medication. He told us he would be in a position to send us his photographs only when his daughter would come to meet him, as he did not know how to click photographs from his mobile and did not know how to send them to us. He had studied till the 7th standard and during the interview we observed that he was very slow in answering questions.


A prescription was made and the patient was told to meet us after 4 months. It’s been a year now that the patient has been under our care showing slow improvement especially in the itching and scaliness of the lesions.