VitaNova had a recent case of a 30 year old woman who came to us suffering from hypothyroidism since 2013. She visited us in 2018 with detailed reports that she’d done over the years. Besides the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, she was also suffering from piles and irregular menstruation together with discomfort.



In the homeopathic method of treatment, observation is the key to understanding and prescribing medicines. Before the patient even says something, what we do is observe them and their body language, how they talk and move. When this patient entered the room for the first time, we gathered that she was quite different from others. Her style, mannerisms, clothes and hairstyle were very boyish. Through our conversations, she also confirmed that many a times, she is mistaken for a boy by others.

As the case taking progressed, we realized that almost all of her complaints began after her uncle passed away. She was very attached to him. He was like a fatherly figure to her. The patient had a strong understanding of right and wrong and would fight any injustice done to her or someone else. This was a reason for her pursuing her law studies. Thermally, the patient could not tolerate the fan or breeze to any extent. Also she was not on any hormonal treatment which made the case easier for us to treat.


The patient was put on a wellness program and after carefully analysing the case, we made the first prescription. The patient was told to repeat the thyroid tests after 3 months.

After 3 months we saw a slight improvement in the reports. It was the first sign that we were in the right direction. Her menses got regular too and there were no problems with her piles. We did not have to repeat the medication and decided to wait and watch for a few more months. The next report done on 1/12/18 showed a marked improvement in the thyroid levels.