A few months ago, a young girl of 26 years visited us. She had done her Master in Social Work and was working with an NGO full-time. When she met us, she was subdued and spoke only when directly addressed to. Her main presenting problem was eczema, a skin affliction that she was suffering from since childhood. It began on the right toe, and over the last few months had been spreading gradually to other parts of both legs with plenty of swelling and bleeding. Another set of problems she expressed upon careful prodding were to do with breathing. She said she was diagnosed with asthma which was aggravated in the winters, and relief found only after the use of inhalers. An accompanying symptom was right sided migraines that were aggravated by the sun, her monthly menses and exposure to strong smells like perfumes



As we began taking down her case history, we noted that the girl was very sensitive and emotional and reacted to fights and disagreements in the family very strongly. This was so adverse that she’d often burst into tears.

Her younger days revealed a deeply empathetic person, always stretching outside of herself to help people and visiting old age homes often. This was the reason for choosing to do her masters in social work. Post completion, she began working with an NGO that dealt with human trafficking. Her face lit up when describing her job. She loved what she could do for the girls, but it also subtly began to cause her a lot of distress interacting with the victims. The victims narration of their stories caused her a lot of pain and she’d weep continuously.


This detailed case study revealed that we were dealing with a very emotional patient, a hypochondriac who suffered from left sided complaints. In our course of case studies, we have found individuals who suffer from right sided ailments are extremely strong willed , calculative and business oriented whereas people suffering from left sided complaints are more sensitive , creative artistic.

A single dose of the remedy was given to the girl and she was asked to come back after 15 days.

In two week’s time, she reported to us that she had used the inhaler just once, whereas earlier it was used every day. Her migraines too were under control, but itching and swelling in her feet had increased. We informed her that whenever the internal complaints improved, the complaints on the skin would aggravate and this would be observed for some time. She was asked to observe and her treatment is still underway.